Different roles and responsibilities

Our leaders are divided among Pastors, Staff, Elders and Deacons.

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Meet our Pastors

Our pastors are teaching elders in our church family responsible for instructing us in both knowing and living the truth of God's Word.
David McNeely
Senior Pastor
Bob Evans
Congregational Care Pastor
Todd Veleber
Student Pastor
Eric Ryan
Leadership Development Pastor

Meet our Staff

Our church staff are responsible for the weekly administrative and ministry operations.

Russell Matherly

Worship Director

Jackie Smith

Wildwood Preschool Director

JP O'Hara

Production Manager

Sherell Thomas

Facilities Assistant Manager

Jennifer Della Universita

Facilities Assistant

Kristen Matherly

Wildwood Kids Director

Robin Stuyverson

Wildwood Ballet Director

Caroline Ferguson

Elementary Coordinator

Brooke Jessee

Administrative Assistant to Pastors

Courtney Cheetham

Ballet Assistant

Heather Terhune

Women's Discipleship Director

Bob Burton

Finance Director

Claudette Jackson

Nursery & Preschool Coordinator

Dan Roeber

Assimilation & Discipleship Intern

Eugene Kemp

Facilities Assistant

Josh King

Communications Director

David Xanders

Facilities Manager

Melissa Little

Finance Administrator

Sarah Roeber

Worship Assistant

Meet our Elders

There are two kinds of elders: teaching and ruling. The elders make up our local governing body, called the Session. The elders are responsible for the spiritual leadership and care of our church family.

Ben Andrews

Hugh Buerke

Mitch Drew

Joel Kennedy

Michael Neal

Mark Webb

Bob Bennett

Bob Burton

Lynn Hagood

Rick Kingsley

Thom Park

Charlie Brewer

Lex Collins

Jimmy Hill

Randy Lashua

Len Stirrat

Tim Broeseker

Chris Connor

Michael Holmes

Ralph Montalvo

Jonathan Watson

Meet our Deacons

The deacons (collectively known as the “Diaconate”) are responsible for serving physical needs within the church family, particularly those facing challenges beyond what they can handle on their own.

Wesley Callaway

Richard Gale

Rob Jessee

Mike McGehee

Roger Sessions

Danny Wright

Trent Carter

David Grulich

Ian Jones

Patrick O'Leary

Buckley Vernon

Phil Young

Mike Dasher

Andrew Hanlon

John Knight

Phil Parks

Jim Warren

Not pictured:

Jim McKee
Curt Mills

Brian Zettle

Jad Dowdy

Tim Hunt

Ross Little

Mike Phillips

Richard Woerner