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Care List

This list is primarily created so the people of Wildwood Church can pray not only for the physical needs of those who are on this list, but the spiritual needs as well. We ask for God to use these difficulties to draw these listed below to Himself- both for those who are walking with God and for those who do not yet experience the sufficiency of His love and grace.

The CARE Team exists to pray for and assist those in need in our church family. Would you like us to pray for you? Click on the form below and a member of our CARE Team will contact you!


Elaine Atwood- recovering from a kidney transplant

Stephen Suber- recovering from a fractured vertebrae

Immediate family

Peggy Alonzo (Ben Alonzo’s mother)

Susie Amiss (Tisha Fletcher’s sister)

Michele Barr (Jackie Smith’s sister) 

Robin Brinkmeyer (Kristen Williams’ mother)

Dwight DeVore (Janise DeVore’s husband) 

Hannah Frost (Tyler Frost’s wife)

Judy Harvey (Frankie Lynn Higginbotham's mother)

Eleanor Jackson (Richard Jackson’s mother)

Kate Mathis (Dottie Shaughnessy’s granddaughter)

Sharon Stephens (Sherri Johnson’s mother)

Adley Marie Sullivan (Kathy Blair’s granddaughter)

Jaxon Yawn (Jeannie and Lee Nunn’s grandson)

Military family

Air Force: Jeremy Chick, Cecil Guy, Ethan Hayman, Peter Howard, Preston Laslie, John Noble, Josh Wood

Army: Rob Cox, Andrew Evans, Ben Noble

Marines: Aisa Schmidtz, Zachary Rich

Navy: Justin Wainright, Andrew Wood

Expectant Moms


Praises for the birth of McKenna Reese Dobert, daughter of Meagan and Ben Dobert, who was born on Feb 22.


Assisted living and long term care

Dottie Conde - Tapestry Senior Living Memory Unit

Wilton Duncan – Tapestry Senior Living

Bill Franklin - Westminster (Bertrand Health Center)

Mary Johnson (David Johnson’s mother)- Asheville, NC

Sue McAnally - Allegro

Grace Smith - Capital Square at Tallahassee

Carlos Stephens (Sherri Johnson’s father) - Seven Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center

Mike Wonderly (Megan Haywood’s father)- Heritage Healthcare Center at Tallahassee

Continued prayer for age, infirmity and illness

Ruth Akers

Kathy Blair

Steven Bradford

Glenn Brown, Jr.

Comer Cherry 

Joe Cline

Robert Davis

Ann & Jim Dritt

Houston & Jeannette Evans

Richard Gardner, Jr.

Vicki Hayse

Khayli Heijkoop 

James Horton 

William Kepper

Melanie Knight 

Hank Lunsford

Anna Lybbert

Bob McClure

Bill & Cindy McLoud

George & Maggi Moorman

Billy Sexton

Gayle Schendel 

Marilyn Schendel

Susan Slaughter

Peter Smith

Jim & Linda Spargo 

Bruno Sperduti

Lin Thompson 

care deeply and serve freely

Would you like to volunteer your time to serve someone in our church family? We are looking for people to help visit shut-ins, offer rides, etc. If you are interested in these or other ways to serve freely, contact [email protected].