Wildwood Missions 2018

The following individuals and teams from our church family will be going out at different times this year on mission. Pray for them!

Bob and Dusty Bennett (UK) will operate a hospitality and Bible Study outreach ministry in Sep-Oct to the US military community near RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath in England. Visit cadence.org to learn more.

Steven Bradford (Uganda) will continues with theological training and church planting.

Eve Friedel (Kenya) is going May 21-July 27 with a New Mission Systems International team to minister to and learn from the people of Narok through church ministry, home visits, and teaching. Visit nmsi.org to learn more.

Ellen Hicks (Costa Rica) and team members Charlie and Suzie Berrane will return to continue church building and ongoing outreach to disadvantaged areas of Costa Rica. Visit thecarpentersfootsteps.org for more.

Michael Holmes (Uganda) for a second year of teaching business principles and Christian business practices to bi-vocational pastors.

Christina King (Virginia) will help lead a Girls Retreat for young women ages 13+ to discover more of who they are and who God is, while training and encouraging the next generation of Girls Retreat leaders to catch the global vision. Visit girlsretreat.org to learn more.

Mission Nicaragua: Our 10th graders and above will partner with the Buzbee family—Tallahassee natives for have been serving in Nicaragua for many years. The mission includes construction projects in poor communities and running VBS-style camps at Camp Algeria and Ruby Ranch. Visit wildwoodstudents.com to learn more.

Mission Atlanta: Our 8th-9th graders will be returning to Atlanta to help several organizations committed to serving the under-resourced and under-privileged. We will be partnering with Atlanta Youth Project, Hands On Atlanta and Nicholas House. Visit wildwoodstudents.com to learn more.

Mission Tallahassee: We want to develop our rising 6th-7th graders by expanding their understanding of mission. We will work with local partner ministries to serve those in need in our own city. Visit wildwoodstudents.com to learn more.

Hannah Maxwell (Fukuoka, Japan) and team members Hannah Buck and Juan Marin will be engaging university students in conversations about God, May 30-Aug 2.

Maddie Pullen (France) will join the France Pour Christ team this Aug for a yearlong internship. She will help the staff in Drulingen with communications and developing FPC partnership sites, such as coffeehouses and bookstores. Visit missionfpc.fr/en/ for more.

Holly Suber and Hope Street (Uganda) will continue visiting and working with the schools and orphanage ministry Wildwood has supported for many years. Visit wildwoodtlh.com/hopestreet to learn more.

Barbara Wright (Manchester, UK) will begin her two-year mission with City Church Manchester, where she will teach, disciple, shepherd, plan events and minister to the women and children of the community. Visit mtw.org to learn more.

Young Professionals (London): The following team will work alongside an international Presbyterian church in West London with over 35 nationalities, including Iranian refugees. The trip spans ten days over Thanksgiving.

  • Bob and Dusty Bennett
  • Andrew and Jill Hartsfield
  • Sarah Terrill
  • Jeremy Watson
  • Jeff Whittaker
  • Hannah Rubottom
  • Beth Duncan
  • Troy and Andie Kepper


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