Wildwood Church is part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) denomination. 

So what does the word “presbyterian” mean, and what makes it different from other churches?

Presbyterian is a way of ordering and governing a church.

Being presbyterian means local churches are governed by “presbyters” or elders, who are elected by the congregation.

There are two kinds of elders: “teaching elders” or ordained pastors, and “ruling elders” or ordained laymen. Together, the elders make up the “Session”. The Session oversees the faith and life of the local church. The elders structure the congregation’s ministries in order to accomplish the church’s mission.

In the PCA, churches are grouped together in regions called “presbyteries”.

Wildwood Church belongs to the Gulf Coast Presbytery.

The presbytery serves the churches by coordinating and encouraging ministries while holding churches and elders accountable to the standards of the denomination.

Ruling and teaching elders from each church gather four times a year to examine candidates for ministry, to develop plans for church planting and to encourage each other.

Every year, local church representatives throughout North America meet at “General Assembly”. The Assembly enables all churches to have a voice in guiding the spiritual and practical affairs of the denomination.