Unpacking Pastor Bob’s Letter

Earlier this week, Pastor Bob sent a letter to members of our church family outlining some important updates in the life of Wildwood Church.

If you didn’t receive it in the mail, click here to download a copy.

Pastor Bob referenced a number of documents in his letter, which we have linked below. These documents are organized into three categories:  (1) Financial Update, (2) New Property Update, and (3) Upcoming Congregational Meeting on Dec 7th.

Certainly this is a lot of information to take in, and we understand much of it may be a little mirky.

To help clear up any confusion, we will be hosting a series of Q&A Sessions every Sunday leading up to the Congregational Meeting, to take place after each worship service (9:15am and 11:00) in the fellowship hall. 


Financial Update

Stewardship Brochure (including new budget, current financial position and our view of stewardship)


New Property Update

New Property Update (Nov 7, 2014) (including latest architectural renderings)


Upcoming Congregational Meeting

The Congregational Meeting is of special importance, since the Session is seeking the church family’s approval of a (1) a mortgage to finish the new property project, an amendment to the church’s Articles of Incorporation, new Bylaws, and the Pastor Search Team (more info coming soon).

Search Team Nominees (introducing the team members recommended by the Session)

Explanation for Bylaws (summarizing our need to create Bylaws)

Bylaws Update (Nov 6) (proposed Bylaws, based on template provided by the PCA)

Relational Covenants (referred to in preface to the Bylaws)

Proposed Mortgage (for Stages I, II, and III of our New Property Project)

Articles of Incorporation (includes original Articles plus proposed amendment)


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