Top Five – Oct 1, 2015

1. Hope Street Uganda

Hope Street is a longstanding and ongoing mission of Wildwood Church in Uganda. The ministry provides nutrition, education, and community development in the name of Jesus, and connects Wildwood members to Ugandan brothers and sisters. Right now Hope Street is looking for new people to join their ranks…including sponsors, donors, and volunteers to serve in creative ways. If you are interested, click here to fill out a brief form and discover how you can get involved!

2. Men’s Advance

Gentlemen, save the date for the upcoming Men’s Advance, Jan 19-20 Cerveny Conference Center (formerly Camp Weed) in Live Oak, FL. Registration is coming soon!

3. Northside Stage

Northside Stage is hosting a “Blues Night” with Brett Wellman and the Stone Cold Blues Band on Fri, Oct 13. Food trucks will be on site at 6:30pm, and Tally favorite Jim Crozier will open the concert at 7pm. Invite friends and come chill to local blues!

4. High School Retreats

Both our Guys and Girls Retreats are open for signups! The Guys Retreat is coming up Oct 20-22 (cost $55), and Girls Retreat Oct 27-29 (cost $60). Head to to learn more and register soon.

5. Reformation Devo Series

This month, we are celebrating our Reformation heritage. The Reformation was a pivotal moment in church history, out of which came the system of beliefs we embrace today as “reformed theology”. Desiring God has produced a 30-day devotional series called “Here We Stand” to commemorate the Reformation. Click here to subscribe to receive these daily devos.



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