Top Five – April 22, 2018

1. Bring it to the cross

Throughout the One Another series, a special cross will be on display in Connection Central, crafted by Wildwood elder Mitch Drew. Each week strips of cloth will be available for you to take home. These are for you to write what God is leading you to do, specifically when it comes to the “one another” each week.

For example, how is God leading you to belong in our church family? How is He prompting you to love someone like Jesus?

Write what God puts on your heart on the cloth. Then bring that cloth back to Wildwood to drape or tie on the cross. Our goal is to see the entire cross covered by the end of the series, as a visual display of everything we are asking God to do in our church family to better pursue one another.

2. 30 Hour Famine

Coming up next weekend, April 27, we invite middle and high school students to join us alongside students all over the world to go hungry to fight hunger. You’ll discover truth about global hunger, poverty and injustice, and how the Gospel overcomes it all with love. To learn more and register, head over to

3. Middle and High School Camps

High School Camp is coming up first July 3-8, with Middle School Camp following July 16-20. Registration is now live at!


4. Landscaping opportunity

Our ministry partner A Women’s Pregnancy Center is in need of some  landscaping and site cleanup. It’s a great way for individuals or small groups to serve our community. Contact volunteer coordinator Bill Snyder at (850) 228-3956

5. Help ease the stress of a move

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the means to hire someone or a friend network to recruit. The Movers and Shakers are a team of Wildwood men and women who serve freely by being available. There’s no commitment, simply contact Phil Young at to be added to the email list to be notified about upcoming moves.

Watch the video featuring a few of our Movers and Shakers here. 


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