Josh King

Josh is responsible for all the print, web and video media at Wildwood, including strategies to leverage these resources to further our vision and mission.

Melanie Knight

Melanie serves our church family with her creativity by helping the staff coordinate and decorate for our large events at Wildwood and in our community.

Beth Lambert

Beth works with Pastor Barksdale Pullen to organize Children’s (K-5th) and Senior activities and events throughout the year. Favorite movie? Pretty in Pink Favorite Book? The Hunger Games Where do you most enjoy spending your time outside work? “I enjoy spending my free time with my kids and painting.” Who would play you in a…

Rileigh Murray

Rileigh invests in middle and high school students, including planning student events and discipling college interns. Favorite book?  “The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. I love the way Tolkien portrays the character of God through relationships.” What do you most enjoy spending your time outside of work?  “I love to create art. Right…

JP O’Hara

JP oversees the audio/visual (AV) production on Sunday mornings and special events at Wildwood. He is also the producer for The Northside Stage, an outreach ministry connecting local artists to audiences in Tallahassee. Favorite movie?  Back to the Future  Where do you most enjoy spending your time outside of work? Biking around local lakes and…

Sarah Roeber

Sarah works with our pastors to plan our Sunday worship services, and directs our worship band and choir in leading our corporate worship each week.