Staff Directory

All of the following Wildwood Church staff can be reached by their emails or dialing the main phone number (850 894-1400 plus the extensions listed below.

Staff are listed by last name in alphabetical order.

Brett Alonzo

Administrative Coordinator for Student Ministries

[email protected]

Maggie Beswick

Assistant Student Minister

mbeswick at

850-270-2236 ext 409

Bob Burton

Finance Director

bburton at

ext 423

Kathryn Eckhardt

Communications Assistant

keckhardt at

850-270-2180 ext 407

Bob Evans

Congregational Care Pastor

bevans at

850-270-2294 ext 423

Claudette Jackson

Nursery & Preschool Coordinator

cjackson at

850-270-6349 ext 412

Brooke Jessee

Executive Administrative Assistant

bjessee at

850-894-0069 ext 419

Mark Khandjian

Students Director

mkhandjian at

850-270-2235 ext 408

Melissa Little

Finance Associate

finance at

ext 423

Russell Matherly

Worship Director

rmatherly at

850-270-2240 ext 405

David McNeely

Senior Pastor

Please contact Brooke Jessee to reach David by emailing bjessee at or calling (850) 894-1400.

JP O'Hara

Staff Production Director

[email protected]

Dan Roeber

Community Director

droeber at

850-270-2276 ext 424

Sarah Roeber

Worship Assistant

sroeber at

850-270-2241 ext 425

Jackie Smith

Wildwood Preschool Director

jsmith at

850-270-6331 ext 410

Sherell Thomas

Facilities Assistant Manager

sthomas at

Caroline Veleber

Kids Director

cveleber at

850-270-2219 ext 406

Todd Veleber

Outreach Pastor

tveleber at

850-270-2302 ext 404

David Xanders

Operations Manager

dxanders at

850-270-6301 ext 426