You Profaned the Covenant

Text: Malachi 2:10-16

One of the defining characteristics of God is faithfulness. God is, always has been, and will always be faithful. We were created to reflect His faithfulness, but sin corrupted our hearts so all of us are, at some point, unfaithful. God’s people misrepresent Him when they are unfaithful. They represent Him best when they are faithful.

Divorce & Remarriage

In May 2017, we published a video on the topic of divorce and remarriage as it pertains to church leaders. We edited an excerpt of this video in light of David McNeely’s sermon on Malachi 2. Watch the excerpt below.


  1. Hello,

    I think Pastor David recorded an addendum to this wonderful message regarding marriage and divorce, at least I thought I saw it somewhere?
    For the life of me I’m now unable to find it on the Wildwood app or Facebook.
    I thought it was on the app. Am I dreaming or just looking in the wrong place??
    Thanks ever so much!

  2. Hi Marianne,
    You didn’t miss it! We actually had to go back and edit an excerpt of a video shot last May on the topic of divorce and remarriage. At that time the video was part of our series on Elders and the requirements for church leaders. We just posted this excerpt at

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