Trials and Temptations

Text: James 1: 2-18

We don’t need to look for hardship.  It finds all of us.  Trial and temptation are a part of everyday life.  And our most natural response to it is sorrow.  That is understandable.  But James calls us to take a different approach to hardships.  He calls us to joy.  How can we choose joy over sorrow?  By looking to Jesus.  Christ responds to trial and temptation with a supernatural joy.

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  1. Hey Josh, JP or somebody, ,

    The date is wrong on this. Or maybe I’m wrong. If this is today’s sermon the date should be the 15th not the 13th.

    Perhaps this is a test to see if anyone is using this “tool.”

    THANKS for ALL you do to keep us engaged. You are doing a great job.

    Barbara Wright

    • Hi Brad, it has not yet been uploaded, but look for the audio later this afternoon. Typically it is uploaded on Sunday afternoon, but we’ve had a few delays this week. Thanks for your patience!

  2. It’s Tuesday , January 17th , and I still cannot watch the video. All the other sermons are accessible, but not the Trials and Temptations sermon.

    • Hi Betty,
      I apologize for the delay. The audio recording is typically published Sunday afternoon, and the video is often not available until Tuesday due to the processing time, since it’s a large file. It should be up this afternoon. Thanks for your patience!

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