The Unkingly King

Text: Matthew 21:1-11

For three years of Jesus’ public ministry He constantly avoided recognition and publicity. He knew people would misunderstand his Messianic mission and seek to install him as a ruler. But he did not come to reign. He came to die. But on Palm Sunday he finally allowed the multitude to vent their hopes that he might be their deliverer. Thousands of people lined the road as he made his way into Jerusalem. Jesus was a true king. In fact he is the King of Kings. But the description of the triumphal entry reveals Jesus as the “unkingly king”. The observations in this account make us evaluate what should be most important in our own lives as we seek to walk as Christ followers.

Prayer in Marriage

Palm Sunday began a 24/7 Passion Week of Prayer at Wildwood. Before the sermon, Mitch and Gaye Drew had a chance to chat with Pastor David McNeely about the important role of prayer in their marriage.

Click here to download their “top ten” list.

Prayer in Marriage – Mitch & Gaye Drew from Wildwood Church on Vimeo.


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