How (Part 4): God’s Forgiveness

The fourth target Jesus calls His followers to pray for is God’s forgiveness. But if Christians are already forgiven, then why would He ask them to pray for it? It is because the heart needs it. No matter how hard we try, we cannot silence the cry of our guilty consciences. Through the cross, Jesus cleanses people from their sins. Through confession in prayer, he quiets their hearts.

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  1. This is a good message but I think it would be great at the end, when asked ‘do you know Jesus? Then explain or describe how one can know him. It’s not just enough to believe but we must confess our sins to him and ask for his forgiveness and to come into our lives and save us, right?

    I’m thinking of someone in the audience who hears your question, do you know Jesus? and they answer NO please tell me how. I just think it was a great time to invite people to the Lord for salvation.

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