1. I was puzzled by the statement that doctors do God’s redemptive work. I thought, strictly speaking, only Christ did the redemptive work in the covenant of redemption (the Father elects and the Spirit regenerates.) A doctor can heal or at least palliate, but I don’t think even healing can be equated with redemption. As a pastor and RN, I’m having trouble making these ideas shake hands, but am more than willing to be corrected.

  2. Jerry, thanks for your comment. You are correct, only Christ can accomplish the eternal redemption of a person’s soul. We were using the term in the broad and temporal sense. The OT speaks of slaves and even property being redeemed. Doctors help to bring a general work of redemption to the sick body. It is a temporal and incomplete work. But they are, as of my seminary professors said, “Partnering with God in the redemption of nouns.” There are other types of general redemptive work we can take part in (e.g. redeeming building once used for evil purposes and planting churches in them, redeeming song lyrics for God honoring purposes, etc.) but only Christ can do the specific and eternal redemptive work. Thanks for what you do. May God continue to bless your efforts.

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