Sermons on Discipleship

The Cost

Text: Luke 14: 25-35 Great crowds were following Jesus. He didn’t turn and encourage them or try to hold on to their affection but rather gave them one of the most challenging charges we see from Jesus: “Count the cost” “Take up your cross”. While the grace of the Gospel was won by Christ and…

Bear One Another’s Burdens

Christians are called to help shoulder the burdens of others. And old cliché says, “Many hands make light work.” When the work is resisting sin and walking in the light, the cliché proves true. We all need help. And God has made clear we should expect the church to help carry the burdens of life.

To Whom Shall We Go?

Text: John 6: 1-2, 60-71 Large crowds followed Jesus’ movements. They followed as he went from place to place and event to event. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they followed the person. Anyone can follow a system when it works for them. Followers of Jesus follow Jesus. Their hope is in Jesus, not their expectations. Q&A…