Rileigh Murray

Rileigh invests in middle and high school students, including planning student events and discipling college interns.

Favorite book? 

“The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. I love the way Tolkien portrays the character of God through relationships.”

What do you most enjoy spending your time outside of work? 

“I love to create art. Right now I am working on a series of oil paintings that convey Bible verses. These abstract images are first computer-manipulated to represent the lens of culture over biblical truth. I have used this art series as a way to deepen my knowledge of scripture and discover the character of God.”

Random fact

“In college I performed in he Florida State Flying High Circus. I did hand balancing , the teeter board and the flying trapeze.”

If not in ministry, what would you be doing for a living? 

“I would be a traveling artist. I love ethnography and learning about different cultures around the world and portraying those learnings visually through art.”