Eric Ryan

Eric leads discipleship and development initiatives among our staff and church family, and helps us grow in our ability to accomplish our mission and vision.

Favorite book? 

“‘The Lion of War Series‘ by Cliff Graham.

Random fact

“I was actually tested for Giantism when I was two because I was twice the size of the average 2-yr-old. At ten months old I weighed more than our oldest did at 3 years old.

If not in ministry, what would you be doing for a living? 

“I would love to do some form of consulting for companies that helps with their team dynamics.  My dream/lazy dream would be to write a famous novel/series and spend the rest of my days in my sweet vacation home writing/reading…if I didn’t know what God has called us to.”

Which of the ten plagues of Egypt would you most like to give your rival football team? 

“Michigan would get locusts, specifically aimed at all their practice fields and stadiums.”