Pastor Search Team Nominees

During the Congregational Meeting on Dec 7 after the second service, the church family will be asked to vote to approve the Search Team nominees recommended by the Session.

We’ve put together a Search Team Nominees brochure to help you get to know the team.

Download the brochure here.

The Search Team was originally formed by the Session to find an Assistant Pastor who would eventually transition into the Senior Pastor position.

However, the Session now believes we should expand the search to include a candidate who may come in as an Associate Pastor, or even directly as our Senior Pastor.

The Book of Church Order (BCO) permits the Search Team to look for an Assistant Pastor, but it requires the congregation to approve the Search Team in order for the team to look for an Associate or Senior Pastor.  This is why the church family is being asked to vote on the team on Dec 7.

Get to know the nominees for the team in this brochure.



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