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Northside Community Center FAQ

The Northside Community Center (NCC) is the result of a vision at Wildwood Church to better serve the people who call our community home.

Since that vision became a reality, the community center has hosted receptions, sports leagues, camps, academic clubs, meetings, and more!

We put together the following list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers to help you better understand the vision behind the NCC, its current operation and its future expansion.


Who owns the Northside Community Center?

Wildwood Church is the property owner of the center’s campus, which covers 60 acres, and of the facilities and campus improvements.

What is it?

The vision of NCC is to "create community and enrich lives." To that end, the center was designed to be a space that serves the needs of our immediate community by hosting programs and facilitating community interaction and engagement.

The center was not designed to be a "Christian life center"- similar to what other churches may offer. In other words, it is not meant to serve members of Wildwood. Rather, it is meant to be a platform for Wildwood members to serve freely in our community.

Who operates it?

The Northside Community Center, LLC was established as a separate legal entity to formally operate the community center. NCC has its own board, which includes representatives of Wildwood Church.

Who funds it?

The general revenue of the center funds its operating expenses. Any deficit is covered by Wildwood Church in the form of a loan that the center will pay back when it becomes self-sufficient.

Is the community center self-sufficient?

The goal is that NCC's revenues cover all operating expenses. In the first quarter of 2021 the center’s monthly revenue covered 90% of operating expenses.

With the time change in March, usage of the recreation fields increased significantly since more daylight was available in the early evening. We expect the center to become self-sufficient in the second quarter of 2021.

Why did we build the Northside Community Center?

Wildwood leaders embraced a vision in the early 2000s to have a more meaningful presence in our immediate community. After a season of asking the people who live and work in the community what was needed most, the idea of a community center was born.

The heart behind the community center has always been to "build bridges" into our community by using the space to build relationships with the people who live and work in our immediate community.

What is the big picture for NCC?

Ultimately, we believe the greatest human need is a spiritual need. Two elements of our mission at Wildwood Church are to care deeply and serve freely.

The Northside Community Center provides a shared space—a "third place"—to engage with the people in our community, build relationships, and in the context of those relationships- have meaningful, spiritual conversations that point to the hope we have in Jesus.

Our goal is not to draw more people to Wildwood Church- but to point more people to Jesus in the context of meaningful relationships.

How many people use the community center each week?

On a typical weekday, the center has 60 to 100 guests.

On most weekends, the center has multiple events with 100 to 200 guests in the building and over 1,000 guests on the recreation fields.

On most Saturdays, the center operates a concession stand in the pavilion and sells hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, and drinks to hundreds of families.

What can I do to get involved?

The center is a wonderful place to serve freely, and there are numerous opportunities throughout the year. The quickest and easiest way you can get involved is to simply show up during the week and interact with other people at NCC!

Check out the website at for a list of upcoming events and activities to discover a good time to come play, hang out, volunteer, invite a friend, or simply strike up a conversation with someone new!

When is the community center open?

You can show up almost any time and find something to do! There is a playground, covered picnic area, dog park, disc golf course, and fitness center. There is an indoor atrium/gallery area open to the public during most daytime hours. to meet friends, play cards, or find a place away from home to work or study, including free Wifi and brewed coffee.

There are spaces available to rent as well, including the indoor gym and multipurpose meeting rooms. The gym offers various courts for play (basketball, volleyball, and pickleball). The center also has recreation fields for soccer, flag football, and softball, as well as a concession stand open most Saturdays.

Feel free to call the center at (850) 404-0035 to ask questions! 

Is the center expanding?

Yes, new additions to the community center are in development. The next expansion will include additional parking closer to the recreation fields and an improvement to the campus roadways for better traffic flow on busy days.

Plans are being explored to add a larger wing to the current building for an additional 6,000 square feet to the current 19,000 square feet.

This coming year, planning will begin for the next major phase to include a college-sized gym and more multipurpose rooms and gathering areas.

The final phase is an auditorium. 

When will the next phase begin?

Site work is currently underway. Our zoning for this expansion was approved by the City Commission in February 2021. We hope to begin construction later this summer.