On Mission in Adversity

adversityWhat do believers do when the culture turns against our faith? How can followers of Christ be true to their call when they are viewed with suspicion or even hatred? Do we become haters like our adversaries? That question was very real to the first-century church, and it is becoming more and more real to us in 21st century America.

This Sunday our Worship Team leads a very special service about facing adversity, especially lifting up our Christian family around the globe. A highlight of the morning will be a Skype conversation with bank executive Clint Park, son of Wildwood members Thom and Susan Park. Clint will share his experience of being fired from his job at an Atlanta firm for leading a Bible study. You need to hear this story of God’s grace in the time of storm.

Join us for an inspiring time of worship at 9:15 and 11:00 this Sunday. The service includes teaching, prayers, video, congregational songs, and presentational music with guest vocalist Avis Berry.


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