If you have been coming to Wildwood Church for a while and desire to make Wildwood your official church home, we invite you to consider becoming a church member!

Why become a church member?

Membership does not mean access to a church country club with special perks like travel miles, coffee points, or sanctuary seats with more legroom. There is no VIP lounge for church members!

It means experiencing a deeper sense of living in community, opportunities to serve others, and having a stake in our vision and mission. It also means having a church elder assigned to you who knows and cares for you and your family.

Ready for the next step?

Take a look through the membership steps below. Each step is required because each is an important part of the process of becoming a member of Wildwood Church.

1. Let us know you’re interested.

Contact Katie Hallas to learn more about the process and get started!

2. A Taste of Wildwood

Share a meal and discover the history, vision and mission of Wildwood Church.

3. Getting to Know You

Meet with a church elder in an informal setting to share your story.

4. Getting to Know Us

Discover more about our beliefs and expectations in a class discussion.

5. Welcome to the Family

Join us on a Sunday morning as we celebrate our new members, followed by a luncheon!