Want to join our faith family here at Wildwood?

What is church membership?

Membership in a church is unlike a membership to any other organization. Attending a church is not like attending a social club or other gathering. In those contexts, members are consumers and audience members, and the organization exists to serve them. Membership in a church, however, is entirely different. Membership means transitioning from a consumer and becoming a provider of God’s love and care through the means of ministry and service. Here at Wildwood, we believe that "every member is a minister."

Why does church membership matter?

To become a member of a church is to make a public promise to live according to the Scriptures and to support the work of the congregation. The Bible calls this a covenant. According to the Bible, a public promise, or covenant, is the basis for all society: marriage, employment, citizenship, church membership, friendship, etc., are all relationships of accountability. Your membership matters because it holds our congregation accountable to encourage, rebuke, correct, and serve one other and our church in humility and compassion. It is a bold statement of commitment, saying: “I am a part of this body and will walk along side of you in your faith journey, will you do the same for me?” Consider the following verses:

The membership process at Wildwood

First Step is a casual event to enjoy a meal together, meet others, and hear from our church leaders about the vision and mission of Wildwood Church. It's the first step in the membership process that allows you to explore membership at Wildwood. If you choose to continue, you'll next take Membership 101 which is a class to help you understand what Wildwood believes and why we believe it. It also helps you better understand what it means to be a church member and the membership vows you will take. From there you can expect to have an interview with one of our elders prior to the Joining Sunday and New Members Luncheon.