Partner of the Month: Hope House

Hope House is our Partner of the Month for March.

Hope House (HH), located 2230 W. Tennessee Street, has a mission to bring men to a knowledge and saving faith in Jesus Christ, assist them in finding work, and help them begin their recovery back to a normal role in society.

Opportunities to Serve

– Men to lead Bible studies in-house on Tues or Thurs at around 6pm to give extra time for men coming after work.

– Mentors to the men at HH.

– Prepare dinners for men (Whole Foods provides us with enough ingredients to be cooked away from HH or at HH).

– Board members (men and women) to serve the men and community. Meetings scheduled monthly with about half occurring via telephone conference for about an hour.

– Weekend house sitters to stay at HH or rotate shifts to give Director chance to visit home.

Immediate Needs

– Prayer for men being served by HH; current Board of Directors and Director for God’s direction.

– Live-in House manager position has been vacant for two years. We are working on financing to hire a house manager at a rate of about $300-$500/month. He would have no cost to live at HH. A student at TCC, FSU or FAMU should qualify for free tuition, books and eat at no cost from HH.

– Four trees need to be taken down before hurricane season.

– Continued financial support.

Learn More

Contact Michael Hines at or Office: (850)504-0161 or Cell: (850)879-6124.


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