Engaging a Changing Culture

In this three-part video series, Senior Pastor Bob Evans responds to the recent ruling of the Supreme Court recognizing same-sex marriages nationwide. More importantly, he offers some biblical perspective on how believers should continue to engage the changing culture.

Watch each part below, or click here to watch the playlist on YouTube.

“Engaging a Changing Culture” Part 1

Part 1 Questions:

  • How does this Supreme Court ruling change the way I engage the culture around me? 
  • How do I oppose the ruling without personally opposing my gay and lesbian friends or relatives?
  • I’ve heard some people say “This proves the world is going to hell in a hand basket.” Is that true?
  • How will this impact Wildwood Church’s vision to engage our community?

“Engaging a Changing Culture” Part 2

Part 2 Questions:

  • What does the future of the Church in America look like?
  • As a pastor, are you afraid of how your freedom of speech may be challenged?
  • What is the message I need to communicate to my gay and lesbian friends?
  • How do I prepare my kids or grandkids to stand for truth in a radically different culture?

“Engaging a Changing Culture” Part 3

Part 3 Questions:

  • Do you see a similar pattern in our culture to the early Church?
  • Isn’t it hypocritical of us to stand for the sanctity of marriage when so many heterosexuals have failed?
  • How do we engage a culture that sees us as bigoted, intolerant or even hateful?


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