Our elders shepherd and care for the people of Wildwood and oversee the leadership of our church family (Acts 20:28-31).

There are thus two kinds of elders at Wildwood Church…teaching elders and ruling elders. Together, these elders make up the local church governing body, called “the Session”.

Teaching Elders 

Typically pastors and ministers, these men are called to feed the flock by reading, expounding and preaching the Word of God and to administer the Sacraments.

*indicates current members of the Session

Ruling Elders

These are laymen who have been called and are ordained for the administration of the church. The Ruling Elders are men called and equipped by God to join the Teaching Elder and other active Ruling Elders (the Session) in the spiritual oversight (shepherding) of the flock and the wise government (rule) of the church.

Spouse name in parentheses.