IMPORTANT: Please read our latest COVID statement

COVID Statement

COVID Statement- Sept 2021

Wildwood Family,

In light of recent changes in policy here in Leon County (particularly in the public schools) and the tension between leadership entities on what is the best route to take for the protection of children: we wanted to let you know that we remain committed to receiving guidance from the CDC, FDOH, and LCS when it comes to helping us, as leaders, strive to make the most well-informed decisions for our faith family here at Wildwood Church. 

In the past, we have taken our direct policies from one or a combination of these entities, however, moving forward- we will not take direct policy implementation but rather carefully weigh the current policies and decisions of these entities and allow them to inform our policies and practices.

We are at a place where COVID continues to be a very real threat to public health. We feel the weight and pain of many in our faith family that have or are currently battling COVID. We also deeply grieve over those in our faith family whom we have lost and with you who have lost a loved one to COVID. All of this points us to the reality that we live in a broken and fallen world- full of hardships and trials and further strengthens our resolve to depend wholly on Jesus and His sustaining grace. It also causes us to long for the day when He will return to make all things right.

We, as your leaders, strongly encourage you to make the best, most informed decisions that you can for you and your family’s health. We are grateful for the numerous advances in medical options that are available to combat COVID. We will continue to provide safe, clean spaces for ministry to take place here on our church campus and opportunities to gather in corporate worship. We will also continue to provide online options wherever we can for anyone in our faith family to stay connected to ministry life here at Wildwood. 

If we can come alongside you or your family in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. And let us all remain vigilant to pray that God would have mercy and bring COVID to a swift end… as we pray that His Kingdom would come and His will would be done right here in Tallahassee as it is in Heaven. 


Wildwood Church Leadership