Congregational Meeting

*UPDATE* During the Congregational Meeting, 234 votes were cast. All four motions passed with a strong majority. 


The leadership of Wildwood Church has called a special Congregational Meeting for this coming Sunday, Dec 7, to ask our church members to approve several important items. 

The Congregational Meeting is of special importance, since the Session has asked our members to approve a (1) a mortgage to finish the new property project, (2) an amendment to the church’s Articles of Incorporation, (3) new Bylaws, and (4) the Pastor Search Team.

The documents linked below provide more information regarding the items on which we will be voting.

If are not able to attend the Congregational Meeting yourself, you may give your vote to a proxy by completing this form.

Remember, if you are unable to attend the meeting, you may give your vote to a proxy by submitting a Proxy Form.


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