The Northside Community Center, located at 8005 Oak Grove Rd (two miles north of our current location on Meridian Rd) was designed to serve the tangible, felt needs of our immediate community by providing a space to grow and connect.

There are two entrances, one from N Meridian Rd and another from Bannerman Rd.

The center hosts numerous activities and events throughout the year.

Visit the official website of Northside Community Center at

Development Phases

  • One & Two: Completed! Features: N Meridian to Bannerman connector road, site work and infrastructure.
  • Three: Completed! Features: Initial community center building; various multipurpose rooms; home of preschool and afterschool programs; outdoor playground and indoor gym; pavilion adjacent to recreational fields
  • Four: Begins upon the sale of the Wildwood Church building. Features: 36,000 sq. ft. building addition; shared community and church space; multipurpose auditorium (where we worship until new sanctuary is built in Phase 5); expanded preschool and afterschool area (5,000 sq. ft).
  • Five: Begins upon the complete payoff of Phases 1-4. Features: New sanctuary building.