Tutoring Assistance

For all of our families with school-age children in this season, parents have essentially become “home school” teachers. This is especially challenging for middle school and high school students with content-specific course work.  

As a Care Team, we are seeking adults with abilities to help teach math, language arts, history and science.

What we want to do is match tutoring needs with tutors if there is enough interest on either side of that equation. If your child has a need and you as a potential tutor can meet a need (without charge) we would like to put you together. This would be same-gender tutoring.

Susanne Fortune
 has agreed to be the point person to pair students and tutors together. She has her MS in Education and taught middle school for seven years. She then changed professions and worked 25 years in Organizational and Leadership Development.

Susanne will introduce the tutor and student to each other through an exchange of contact info, and then leave it up to the parents and tutor to work out the details.

Parents, if your child has a need, do not hesitate to let us know! Simply provide us with your child's subjects and grade level so we can better match them to an online tutor.

If you are able to devote some time tutoring online, please provide us with your subjects of competence. If there is a need, Susanne will help match you to the student.

Whether your child is in need of a tutor or you would like to be a tutor, please contact Susanne Fortune directly at (850) 284.7573 or [email protected].

We hope this will be a helpful resource to parents and families at Wildwood.


Bob Evans
Congregational Care Pastor

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