Wildwood’s Connect & Serve Our Partners Team uses several guidelines to determine if a potential local ministry partner is a good fit with the church’s vision and mission.

Please read the following guidelines and assess how well your ministry reflects them.

If you believe your ministry to be in line with our guidelines, you can click on the link at the bottom of  the page to fill out and submit our Partner Candidate Form.

A member of our team will contact you  after we’ve had an opportunity to review your form.

1. Do you minister in our community?

Our community includes the city of Tallahassee and surrounding areas.

2. How close is your connection with Wildwood?

Are you a member of our church or actively involved in the life of our church? Were you sent out from us?

3. Does your ministry reinforce Wildwood’s mission?

Our mission (Why do we exist?) is to make fully devoted disciples of Christ, who go and make other disciples. Is your ministry actively and faithfully preaching the Gospel and seeking to lead others in growing and maturing in Christ?

4. Does your ministry reinforce Wildwood’s vision?

Our vision (“Where are we going?”) is to be a cultural (gospel) influencer in our community through acts of service, so we can share the gospel and make disciples. Are there opportunities for folks at our church to serve as part of your ministry?

5. Is your ministry uniquely equipped to the ministry you’re doing?

Is your ministry specially gifted to do ministry our church is not, while still being in line with Wildwood’s vision and goals?

6. Is your ministry currently self-sustaining?

Does your ministry need our financial support to continue to exist? How great is your financial need?

7. Who provides accountability to your ministry?

Are you under the oversight or supervision of a church, larger organization, or ministry board? Are your a member of a local church? Who ensures that you are being good stewards of the resources you’ve been given? Do you have an outside group that ensures that your ministry is following wise and acceptable financial practices?

If you believe that your ministry generally reflects these guidelines, click here to fill out our Partner Candidate Form.