7/4 Men

Jan 19th - March 9th

Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm / Zoom

Join us for another round of 7/4 Men, our men's discipleship ministry, on Tuesday nights via Zoom (link below).

This season, we are exploring the nitty gritty history of "The Kings of Israel and Judah: Good, Bad, and Ugly."

These meetings take place over Zoom, with breakout sessions following the main teaching.

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All dates below are Tuesday nights, 7pm - 9pm, via Zoom (link above).

Jan 19: The origin of Jewish kings

Jan 26: Saul and David. Both sinned greatly yet David was called a man after God’s own

heart. Why was Saul rejected but David honored?

Feb 2: Solomon

Feb 9: King Asa 913-873 BC (3rd king of Judah). See 2 Chronicles 14:14 and 1 Kings 15:9-15.

Feb 16: Ahab 869-850 BC. See 2 Chronicles 18 and 1 Kings 16-22.

Feb 23: Hezekiah 715-687 BC (2 Chronicles 29-31, 2 Kings 18-20, and Isaiah 36-39).

March 2: Manasseh 687-642 BC (2 Chronicles 33:1-9 and 2 Kings 21: 1-9).

March 9: Jesus - the Kings of Kings!