Posts from November 2016

After the Election

The 2016 presidential election is over, and we have a new president. But we also have deep divisions among Americans. Many are relieved, celebratory, and even overjoyed. Still just as many are disappointed, disillusioned, and even fearful. With so much division, how do we move forward as a nation? How do we move forward as believers? How should we view this…

Donate a Poinsettia

We will soon decorate our sanctuary with red poinsettias for the Advent season. These poinsettias are $17 each. You may donate a poinsettia “In Honor”, “In Memory”, or “To the Glory of God.” Click here to complete our donation form.

Prayer Series Resources

We all struggle to pray, and we all struggle when we pray. But God doesn’t ask for perfect prayer. He perfects our prayer. The Prayer series is part of our super series “The Spiritual Habits“, and is intended to equip Christ followers with biblical perspective and practical resources to experience a meaningful prayer life. Click here to watch or…