The Parenting Journey

The Parenting Journey is a summer seminar series led by Bob and Debbie Evans (see bio below) featuring three events over the summer months.

Each seminar is designed around the unique needs of parents and children at three major stages in parenting life.

Registration links are included below.

The Parenting Journey: Adult Children

Saturday, July 8th, 9AM – Noon

The second seminar is for parents of adult children.

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The Parenting Journey: Elderly Parents

Saturday, August 12th, 9AM – Noon

The final seminar is for children with elderly parents.

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Bob and Debbie Evans met at the University of Georgia, where Bob worked with athletes through Campus Crusade (now CRU). They were both on staff with CRU at the University of Georgia and University of Florida. They married in 1974. Bob graduated from Trinity Seminary in 1979 and has been in pastoral ministry ever since. He recently stepped down as Senior Pastor of Wildwood Church after 20 years and now serves on the pastoral staff as Pastor of Congregational Care and Men’s Discipleship.

Debbie was part of the team that developed Community Christian School in Tallahassee. She served there as a Dean and later as Elementary Principal. Debbie currently teaches through the Women’s Ministry at Wildwood Church and mentors women of all ages.

Along the way the Evans nurtured three children who are now married adults. Robert is a manager of the University of Georgia Research Dairy. Andrew is an Army Intelligence officer and aviator. Kathryn is a Professor at Duke University School of Nursing. Bob and Debbie also have five wonderful grandchildren.


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