If you have been coming to Wildwood Church for a while and desire to make Wildwood your official church home, we invite you to consider becoming a church member!

Why become a church member?

Of course, membership does not mean access to a church country club with special perks like travel miles, coffee points, or sanctuary seats with more legroom. There is no VIP lounge at Wildwood for church members!

What membership does include are the benefits of support from elders who know and care for you personally. It also means experiencing a deeper sense of living in community, opportunities to serve others, and having a stake in our vision and mission.

Ready for the next step?

Take a look at the membership process below and contact Pastor Tom Rubino to learn more, including dates, and get started!

1. Exploring Membership

Chat with an elder in Connection Central about church membership.

July 30th, 2017 and Aug 27th, 2o17

2. A Taste of Wildwood*

Share a meal served by our elders and discover our history, vision, and mission.

September 24th, 2017 • 5-7pm

3. Getting to Know You*

Meet with a church elder in an informal setting to share your story.

Weeks of September 24th through October 22nd

4. Getting to Know Us*

Discover more about our beliefs and expectations in a class discussion.

October 28th • 9am – 12pm
October 29th • 10:45am – 12:30pm

5. Affirming Membership*

Share your testimony with your elders and affirm the membership vows.

Sundays of November 5th – 26th

6. Welcome to the Family

Join us as we celebrate our new members on a Sunday during the second service, followed by a luncheon!

December 3rd • 11am (12:30pm luncheon)

*Attendance at these events is required to complete membership.