We are looking forward to exciting changes in the life of Wildwood Church in the near future, including the completion of the Northside Community Center.

The community center, two miles north of our current location on Meridian Rd, will be a place to connect and serve the people who live and work in our northside Tallahassee community.

April 9, 2017 Aerial Update

March 26, 2017 Update

February 28, 2017 Update


Development Phases

  • One & Two: Nearly complete, including the Meridian to Bannerman connector road, site work and infrastructure.
  • Three: Begins in Fall 2015 with an expected completion in Fall 2016. Features…Initial community center building; various multipurpose rooms; home of preschool and afterschool programs; outdoor playground and indoor gym; pavilion adjacent to recreational fields
  • Four: Begins upon the sale of our current church facility. Features…36,000 sq. ft. building addition; shared community and church space; multipurpose auditorium (where we worship until new sanctuary is built in Phase 5); expanded preschool and afterschool area (5,000 sq. ft).
  • Five: Begins upon the complete payoff of Phases 1-4. Features...New sanctuary building.
Donate to Building Bridges

Please note that pledges are considered offerings above and beyond your normal tithe.

What is Building Bridges?

On Sunday, June 7, 2015, Wildwood Church officially launched the Building Bridges capital campaign to raise the necessary funds to complete the Northside Community Center.

  • Our three-year capital campaign goal is $2 million
  • The finance team has set a one-year interim goal of $500,000.
  • Funds raised beyond this goal will go to pay down the $3.4 million debt.
  • Our remaining debt after meeting our goal will be $1.9 million.

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June 7, 2015 Capital Campaign Launch